Heat Pumps
in Benwood, Wheeling, and Surrounding Areas

Johnson Boiler Works is Your Heat Pump Authority

Heat pumps in Benwood, Wheeling, and surrounding areas are some of the best heating and cooling systems. An outside unit conditions and filters air before pumping it into your home or business. And Johnson Boiler Works is your heat pump authority. Heat pumps allow for up to four indoor units to run off of one outdoor unit. Because you can control each indoor unit separately, it allows for targeted climate control in occupied areas of the home. You can turn off the climate control to unoccupied rooms.

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Call Our Team for High-Quality Heat Pumps

Not all heat pumps are created equal. Heat pumps range in size. Their ratings are for heating and cooling spaces ranging from 1,000 square feet to 10,000 square feet. Smart thermostats pair well with heat pumps to provide one of the most technologically advanced HVAC systems for private use. Johnson Boiler Works has a team of HVAC and plumbing experts. They can help you choose the appropriately sized unit for your home or commercial property.

Johnson Boiler Works Provides Top-Notch Heating Repair

Even the best-maintained boilers and heat pumps sometimes need repairs. Call us for emergency help when your HVAC system is down. Our specialists will dispatch from Benwood, Wheeling, and surrounding areas and rush to your home or business. We encourage customers in West Virginia, Ohio, and Western Pennsylvania to call us at the first signs of a problem. Johnson proudly serves:

Johnson Boiler Works provides
installation, repairs, or maintenance on your heat pumps in Benwood, Wheeling, and Surrounding Areas.