Backflow Systems
in Benwood, WV and Surrounding Areas

Johnson Boiler Works Provides Backflow Systems

When you need backflow systems in Benwood, Wheeling, and surrounding areas, call Johnson Boiler Works. We offer backflow preventer installation and maintenance throughout the region. Backflow occurs when tainted water, gas, or other contaminants flow in reverse. Backflow can add these contaminants to enter your home or business’s water supply. Low pressure in the water tank or plumbing system can be the cause. If neglected, these pollutants can cause significant health or environmental issues that are costly to repair. Reach us by phone at (304) 232-3070.

Signs You May Need Backflow Prevention Installation or Maintenance

If you notice bad-smelling water, dirt coming from the spigot, or low water pressure, you may have a backflow issue. As licensed plumbers, Johnson Boiler Works can install backflow preventers as part of residential and commercial plumbing systems. Contact Johnson Boiler Works to install a backflow prevention system to decrease the chance of contamination in the water supply.

Gain Greater Safety from Contaminated Water with a Backflow Preventer

Backflow preventers can keep your water supply safe from possible contaminants from groundwater and bacteria. Count on us for proper backflow preventer installation, maintenance, and backflow testing. One common way to prevent backflow is to use an air gap. This product separates any possible contaminated water or bacteria from the potable water. Call Johnson Boiler Works today to schedule a backflow inspection to confirm your water safety.

Offering Backflow Systems in Benwood, Wheeling, and Beyond

One way to catch backflow problems is with routine inspections and testing. Johnson Boiler Works is familiar with the backflow systems in Benwood, Wheeling, and surrounding areas. Our technicians can successfully test and inspect your water supply and existing backflow prevention equipment. If there is a problem with the supply or the backflow preventer, repair with the proper parts and equipment follows. Residents from the following locations trust our work:

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