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If you need furnace boiler replacement in Benwood, Wheeling, and surrounding areas, choose Johnson Boiler Works. Boilers provide advantages for homeowners and business owners. Some of these benefits include improved efficiency, increased energy savings, extended longevity, and quiet operations. Boilers and register systems are some of the earth-friendliest ways to heat your home or business. If you are looking for a way to save on your energy bills while keeping comfortable, a boiler is ideal. Call Johnson Boiler Works at (304) 232-3070 to learn more about boiler replacements.

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Boilers are high-quality pieces of equipment that will last for years to come. While they might be strong and durable, they are not invincible. If your boiler breaks down and costs more to repair than replace, let us help you find an affordable, properly sized replacement. Johnson Boiler Works has a wide selection of boilers and other heating and cooling solutions for your home or business.

Johnson Boiler Works Provides Boiler Repair

Through the years, heating and cooling cycles will wear down even the strongest boilers. If you need repairs, we can help. Since 1902, Johnson Boiler Works has provided boiler repairs to customers in Ohio, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania. There is no boiler made today that we cannot repair or replace.

Our Technicians Are Proud to Provide Furnace Repair Service

Whether you need a new boiler and installation, or you simply need repairs or maintenance, Johnson Boiler Works is here. Our experienced HVAC and plumbing experts can inspect your system and provide a quote for repairs or replacement. We can even provide you with sheet metal burners, plumbing service, and other HVAC systems and service in:

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